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#50) On marketing (part 3: marketing education should be required in schools)

61 minutes

This is part 3 of a series of podcasts on marketing which includes a review on how I've developed my thoughts on marketing thus far (see podcasts: "On marketing ((part 1))"  & "On marketing ((part 2))"  for more on that), my argument for providing marketing education early, comments on my own lack of marketing education, the the blessing and curse of how a need for teaching myself how to market and put that into practice (oh so slowly) has required me to spend most of my free time researching and applying marketing concepts.  


"what have I talked about earlier on so that you can sort of follow sort of so you can follow in essence thechain of my thinking on this topic here" (05:21)   "theoretically one could argue the very first tidbit of marketing conceptualization that ever was brought to my attention was when I was in preschool... it's called "learning steps Academy" I think or "Learning stepspreschool." It was near cream Ridge New Jersey upper freehold if I'm not mistaken it was like two three maybefour during those years back then in 89 90 91 around a time period and I remember theytaught us this particular song it goes like this:                          I am special I am special yes I am yes and I am very special                        I am very special yes I am yes I am there's a lot of things you could take from teaching very young children that kind of song a lot of interpretations. You could have a lot of assumptions you might wonder if one had in the notion oftelling two three and four-year-olds to memorize that song it may have something to do though with concept of self-esteem and importance of self-esteem... "(22:41) "unless you're someone with a predisposed passion for marketing unless you're someone with parents or friends or family people around you specifically educated in or interested in or involved in someaspect of business in our marketing that means that the odds are that's something that's just not going to be quiet it is much a part of your consciousness so some people are getting the knowledge that will enable them to present themselves in really effective ways to make a lot of money and other people aredeprived of that but for a plethora of reasons there's not just one but this is a concerning thing this is a obvious, this is an obvious and major slice of the economic inequality conversation and I would think even if you're a libertarian I would think that you would believe this should be required in education" (31:16- 32:24) "it's not until I am like fifteen when I go to a summer camp called 'Tomato Patch' performing arts camp camp for actors singers dancers and visual artists only then in that and at master's class for actors did I start to learn about the concept of industry specifically the acting industry and how to become an actor not just in the sense of the craft and the aesthetics and the art but inpractice so I want to give a shout out to Mr. Dance Spalutto-- a great actor a great acting he's a friend of mine but he taught me back in the day at this actor's master's class and he was all about the industry and understanding how head shots work and understand what it means to get an agent and understanding what it means to be part of a union... this is about  people understanding that they're goingto be finding their way into an economy"  (33:50- 34:58)  "I took a journalism class and was able to participate in the College VOICE: the student newspaper forMercer County Community College and professor Holly Katherine Johnson, she was always very industry minded and always letting us know this is how you want to conceptualize a resume... it's nice to talk about in journalism in theory but this is how journalism works in practice in terms of how newspapers actually run or websites actually run or magazines actually run etc" (43:24-43:55) "I never knew how much time it would be important for me to spend on my marketing endeavors" (47:08)  "So it's interesting because I was hoping that I would have been spending a lot more time reading my philosophy books and reading articles and politics and listening to politics podcasts and things in that realm but it turns out all of that time is now being spent learning about marketing practicing marketing and being involved in social media and reading about all these things and I'm not saying this is actually abad thing actually I think it's serendipitous because I think it also turns out that this is a good field foradvances in philosophical thinking (51:23- 52:02)  

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