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#45) On moving some place better (part 11- the role of my hippie phase)

70 minutes

The so-called "hippie movement" or "counter-culture revolution" of the 1960's utterly fascinated me back in 2004 as I began my Freshmen year of college. The poets and artists of this rebellious generation-- I thought of them as the ones the universities should be teaching but weren't and were thus depriving their students. Among these artists were: Allen Ginsberg, Jack Kerouac, Paul Simon, John Lennon, Bob Dylan, Jim Morrison and Arthur Rimbaud. Unlike my parents, other close family members, religious leaders, or people I was close to, these seemingly revolutionary artists and a certain ethos they seemed to share became my sense of guidance. Through them I sought metaphysical, aesthetic development and self identity. One could not properly understand who and why I ended up in South Beach without first understanding the influences who shaped the mind which led me to be there. 

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